With the rise of affordable virtual reality technology, VR scans are taking the real estate industry by storm.

Can this new technology help homes sell faster? The quick answer is: Yes.

Let us take a few moments, though, to go through why – and what – VR scans offer the real estate industry.

How VR scans help homebuyers

1. View more properties in less time

VR scans offer buyers a chance to tour multiple properties within a shorter period of time, by eliminating the need for travel, finding parking and opening lockboxes. Now, buyers are able to interactively view properties online, as VR scans offer the viewer the ability to essentially walk through a home at their leisure, without being on location.

2. Tour properties from anywhere

For Realtors who show listings to out-of-town buyers, VR scans are the ultimate new tool. Now, buyers from outside Vancouver, or even overseas, can easily and accurately view multiple properties without leaving home.

3. Better than photos

While excellent photography was one of the most essential elements in a quality real estate listing, VR scans have raised the bar. Where photos show a limited view of a room, they only tell part of the story. On the other hand, VR scans take visual tours to a new level, allowing the buyer to control his or her experience, by showing nearly every corner of the home and offering 360º views of the rooms inside the property.

How VR scans help sell homes

1. Make a better first impression

Photos often are not able to capture the true beauty of your home. They can make rooms look small and often do not show all the features. With VR scans, however, you are able to show all your home has to offer, increasing buyer excitement.

2. Connect with more buyers

VR scans allow buyers all around the world to see your property. That opens up your market to out-of-town buyers.

3. Offer a better experience to buyers

As mentioned above, a better first impression drums up excitement among buyers. When a buyer can feel as though he or she is walking through a property and controlling the viewing experience – unlike what photos can offer – this can have a positive impact on interest in the property.

4. Elevate your listing

As the most basic level, a VR scan of your property can set it apart from other listings on the hot Vancouver market. VR scans for real estate are still relatively new to Vancouver. Realtors who employ this technology for their listings can distinguish themselves as offering a premium service to sellers.

VR scans are clearly the way of the future. See how they work here, by clicking the Play button.