The real estate field has always been quick to employ the latest technologies that could help home buyers and sellers.

The latest technology, however, is not just being adopted, it is revolutionizing the entire industry.

That technology? Virtual reality.

Virtual Reality and the rise of VR scans

When virtual reality (or VR) first came into existence, it was prohibitively expensive. Given that, most Real Estate Agents could not afford to use it in relation to their work. More recently, however, a new line of VR cameras has been developed by Matterport, which puts virtual reality in reach for Real Estate Agents anywhere, including Vancouver.

Now, VR tours of properties were popularized a few years ago in Toronto and New York. Also called VR scans, these tours essentially involve videographer shooting the home’s interior with a VR camera. The images of each room are then uploaded. Potential home buyers are able to use VR technology with their smartphones to do virtual 3D tours of properties – anywhere in the world.

The value of VR scans

VR scans help both homebuyers and homeowners. For buyers, it is easy to see home’s features and layout from anywhere. This saves time and allows buyers to visit more properties virtually than they would ever be able to in person, giving them access to a whole range of property choices. Buyers can then shortlist the properties they are interested in, seeing those ones in person.

For homeowners, VR scans make it easy to give a wide variety of buyers access to the property without having people constantly coming through on tours. VR scans also open up a greater possibility of finding out-of-town buyers, making selling easier than ever.  

VR scans have already revolutionized the Toronto and New York real estate markets. Now, VR scans are coming to Vancouver. Make sure to get access to this latest technology as soon as possible in order to get a jump on this latest evolution of real estate.