Now that VR Design and VR scans are on the market, there is a range of new applications appearing for them. One of the applications we are most excited about is home renovations.

In the past, there was limited technical support to help Designers and homeowners communicate about home renovations. This has, at times, led to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Now, Virtual Reality is revolutionizing home renovations

VR Design allows Interior Designers and Contractors to create full-scale, interactive digital walkthroughs of their renovated spaces.

For example, in the Draft On Site VR Design Centre, homeowners, Designers and Contractors have access to a 35’ x 35’ floor to walk through. They can change the walls, flooring and tiles… live. This allows them to see what their spaces would look like before any work is done.

The value of using VR Design in home renovations

There are a number of reasons to use Virtual Reality in home renovations. Here are our top three…

1. They prevent miscommunications

Talking about a project can be challenging – and can easily lead to miscommunications. In some cases, designers and homeowners believe they are on the same page, only realizing they are not after costly renovations are complete. This can be hard on both sides of the relationship, leading to lost time and money, as well as disappointment. Virtual Reality allows Designers and homeowners to identify miscommunications early, getting on the same page before any work is done.

2. They allow projects to be visualized

Homeowners are often not trained in visualizing renovations based on conversations. Therefore, when speaking about renovations, homeowners may not be able to visualize exactly what designers are planning. With VR Design, homeowners can see what Designers are thinking – and can have a more active voice in the planning process. This takes the guesswork out of renovations, allowing clients to see what they are committing to before it is realized and preventing buyer’s remorse.

3. They let teams plan execution

Communication can also be an issue with various renovation Professionals. By having an interactive space to walk through together, Engineers, Architects, Developers, Designers and other professionals can express their needs to one another.

They can also have brainstorming sessions, resolving issues together before executing projects. Also, if teams want to do something innovative, they can test the renovation out in the digital space, to see if it would be possible.

The affordability of VR

VR equipment and setup can be expensive to install for yourself as there are high up-front costs. With the Draft On Site VR Design Centre, though, you have access to a studio when you need it for a low hourly rental rate. This makes VR accessible to all home renovation Professionals. This space is also ideal for meeting with clients, maintaining an impeccable level of professionalism and client care.