A new building wrap can make a significant difference in your home’s energy usage, your comfort, and your health. Why is that the case? And when is the best time to upgrade your building wrap? Today, we are tackling the important topic of building wrap to help you plan your next set of renovations.

The importance of building wrap

Building wrap can seem like a small piece of your home’s construction. When it comes down to it though, building wrap is very important. Cheap building wrap is essentially plastic that is stapled down. This means water can enter through the staple holes and then stay against the Sheathing until it slowly escapes through the pores in the plastic. That can lead to mold growing and wood rotting. On top of that, unless you spend a lot of time and energy sealing every hole, cheap building wraps are nowhere near airtight, meaning you have to spend more money on heating your home and are more likely to have drafts.

By contrast, a quality building wrap is airtight, preventing drafts and keeping heat in your home. At the same time, the material these building wraps are made of allows moisture to escape by breathing through pores that are designed to transfer moisture in one direction only. This will keep the wood in your home dryer and therefore stronger instead of allowing it to stay wet and slowly rot. It will also ensure the structure of your home is solid and can eliminate costly renovations down the road. A good building wrap also prevents mold from growing. With black molds causing health issues and some white molds being lethal, a building wrap can make a vital difference in you and your loved ones’ health and safety.

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When to upgrade your building wrap

It can seem challenging to access your building wrap to change it. That is why we suggest changing your building wrap while conducting other renovations to your home. What is the best renovation to roll your building wrap change into?

We recommend updating your building wrap when you are changing your siding or making a major Addition to your home. During this renovation, you will already be exposing your insulation and building wrap. That makes it easy to change your building wrap over. In addition, you can make other energy-efficient upgrades at this time, such as swapping or upgrading your insulation and installing more efficient Windows.

When engaging in the renovation, two of the top building wraps we work with are:

  • Grace Vycor
  • SIGA

There are other building wraps that work, but these are our favourites. We want to mention that they are both effective and that we fully support both products, but we do want to add that the SIGA Wraps are also Passive House certified giving an extra level of quality assurance. That being said Vycor’s and SIGA’s commitments to quality and to the environment make them our building wrap picks. If you have a specific building wrap you want to use though, always consult with an Envelope Engineer or your Custom Home Designer to make sure it is the best option for your home.

Photo credit: Victor Eric Construction and SIGA