Vancouver heritage homes are very popular right now. Not only are these homes gorgeous, but they have been deemed architecturally and historically significant. There can, however, require some work. Fortunately, if you have recently purchased a Vancouver heritage home, you may be eligible for conservation grants for your renovations and repairs.

Vancouver Heritage Homes May be Eligible for These Grants

There are a variety of grants available through the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. We have put together information on five of the grants you may qualify for.

1. True Colour Grant

This grant provides you with up to $7,500 to repaint your Vancouver heritage home. The grant, however, will only cover 50% of the job and you must repaint with a colour from the Vancouver True Colour palette or the original colour of the building as defined by a Heritage Consultant.

2. Restore It Grant

The Restore It Grant also provides 50% of a project up to a maximum of $7,500. The money can be used for maintenance, restoration, or repairs on the original exterior fabric of heritage buildings.

3. House Call Grant

This grant is up to $500 and is intended to be put toward the consultation and drafting of the Conservation Report to guide long-term maintenance and repairs. Again, the grant will only pay 50% of the total price.

4. Get On The Register Grant

Here again, you can get 50% of a cost covered. This time, the cost is of having your building added to the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Register. The maximum amount you can apply for is $500.

5. Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant

This grant helps fund improvements to heritage homes to increase their energy efficiency. Houses must be built before 1940 or be on the Vancouver Heritage Register. In addition, the home must use oil or gas heating.

In addition to these grants, there are many non-Vancouver Heritage Foundation options, including:

  • Heritage Revitalization Agreement
  • Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program
  • Heritage Facade Rehabilitation Program
  • Chinese Society Buildings Matching Grant

Want more information about these grants? They are available here.

Applying for Grants for Vancouver Heritage  Homes

Before applying for grants for Vancouver heritage homes, make sure to check these items.

1. The deadline

Most grants have deadlines. For most of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation options, the deadline is February 1st. We suggest to double check the deadline before preparing anything else. You do not want to do all that work only to be told you missed the cutoff!

2. The applicant is the owner or authorized representative of a building

No one can apply for a grant except the homeowner or authorized representative of a building. That means that, if your name is not listed as the owner of the home and you are not an authorized representative, you will need one of these individuals to put in the application.

3. All property taxes are paid and there are no liens against the property

You are not able to apply if you have outstanding property taxes or liens. Therefore, before starting any application, make sure that there are no liens against your Vancouver heritage  home, as well as that all property taxes are up-to-date and paid.