Design Services
Permit sets for renovations and new home designs include free edits and alterations at the request of any city permit office.
No hidden costs or percentage of build cost. Only pay for the drawings you need.
Design Services

Renovation Measuring

as built permit drawings vancouver burnaby coquitlam - draft on site services

As-Built Existing Floor Plans

$0.75/sq.ft.   (Minimum Charge $800)

Stair rise and run, Window heights, widths, sill heights and exact placement.
Door heights, widths and exact placement. Reflected ceiling details, ceiling heights
Appliances, plumbing and millwork locations
1/4 scale PDF with dimensions, room lables

Add Existing Elevations

Starting at +$0.50/sq.ft. of floor area (Minimum Charge $500)

Elevations of each side of building
Heights of each floor and roof peak
Roof pitch, Eave overhang, Materials
Location of all windows and doors
Location of all stairs, railings and posts

permit drawings vancouver burnaby coquitlam - draft on site services

Add Existing Site Plan

Building location and dimensions, Street names & locations

Legal description and north arrow, dimensions and size of site & yards
Elevations and Property lines from any provided professional site survey
Size of parking area as # of spaces, location and size of existing Driveways
Location of Trees over 8” thick