Matterport Scans are an important trend emerging in real estate and have become popular with many Developers and Realtors. With more and more Matterport Scans entering the market, however, how do you ensure that yours stands out?

We have put together a list of seven tips to help you make that happen – and get your properties the attention they deserve.

7 tips for perfect Matterport Scans every time

1. Think about lighting

Lighting is central, not just for Matterport Scans, but also for any other pictures or videos you are shooting too.

Why is light so important? Of course, it allows a property to be seen. Beyond that, however, good lighting can highlight fixtures and finishes. It can also help you build the right mood for your real estate to appeal to your target audience. For example, more pooled light with cooler undertones could help an ultra-modern condo feel chic and high-end.

On the other hand, warmer, softer light can make a cozy home feel comfortable and welcoming.

2. Focus on unique elements and spaces

When buyers are real estate hunting, properties can begin to fade into one another. Therefore, if you want to stand out, your Matterport Scan should draw attention to what makes your property unique. Say your property features a reading nook. Do not skip over it or pass it by! Instead, play up this unique space, using it to make your property stand out – and your Matterport Scan perfect.

3. Do not forget the outdoors

Many people only think of the inside of their properties when doing Matterport Scans. But the outdoor areas can be a major selling feature, especially for houses!

Given this, why would you not feature the outdoor areas? Again, think about anything that makes a property unique or would appeal to the property’s target audience.

4. Stage the space – in moderation

When there is no furniture in a space, potential buyers are often unable to imagine themselves living there. On top of that, it can be difficult to see the scale in Matterport Scans of empty rooms. Given this, it is important to stage rooms. Just be cautious about overstyling though. You do not want the staging to overpower the space, turning off potential buyers with a different style. On that note, if the property is being lived in, try to remove any personal items like family photos or artwork that may, once again, that personalize the space, turning off potential buyers who may now have a hard time visualizing themselves in the space.  

5. Connect your Matterport Scans to other material

One of the best things about Matterport Scans is that they allow for embedded links. What does that mean? For example, if you want to highlight the flooring in a property, you can add a link to the floor. Then, when potential buyers are taking their virtual tour of the space, they can click on the link and have another window come up with a page about the flooring. This is also the ideal feature for builders and developers as the links can feature alternate packages for appliances, counters, and more.

6. Double and triple check your Matterport Scans

It is important that every part of your Matterport Scans work, that there are no continuity errors and that all the links the scans connect to are working and contain accurate information. Given this, we strongly advise walking through you Matterport Scans and having others test them to identify any issues. Of course, if you are working with us, we will make sure your Matterport Scans are perfectly polished!

7. Show the world your Matterport Scan

Once your Matterport Scan is complete, you can extract 360º images, which can then be uploaded to your social media such as Facebook.  It won’t be the full Matterport Scan, just a scan of a specific area, but that is a good thing as it lets you focus the viewer by targeting the areas you want to highlight. These scans also make excellent examples of your work which you can place in the portfolio or gallery section of your website.

This does require that you work with an experienced company that knows how to use the various advanced features of Matterport Scans.