With the amount of development currently occurring in Vancouver, it is vital to do everything you can to help your projects stand out.

As a Builder/Developer, how do you break through the sea of photos and floorplans, capturing your potential customers?

3D real estate scans offer Builders and Developers an edge with a unique visual showcase for your projects. Innovative and impressive, 3D real estate scans allow you are whole new way to show off your properties – and connect with your buyers.

How 3D real estate scans can help you as a Builder/Developer

1. You can show off the space

3D real estate scans allow your potential customers to visualize your property as though they were there. For homes, this allows potential buyers to do a full digital walkthrough of the space. With condos, you have the ability to put up tours of not just sample suites, but other key spaces, including building amenities such as gyms or pools, and of other suite layouts and showcase units, like penthouses and sub-penthouses. Unlike photos, which can make rooms look smaller than they are, 3D real estate scans show your properties in all their glory.

2. You can connect with buyers around the world

While international buyers can look at traditional listings, they often are unwilling to commit to a purchase on the basis of photos alone. 3D real estate scans, however, allow interested parties to view your property from anywhere in the world, any time – day or night. This makes potential buyers more likely to look at your properties, fall in love with one, and have the confidence to make a purchase.

3. You can show off materials

With new builds, buyers generally want information about the building materials being used. A 3D real estate scan allows you to share information about the building materials. If you have scans done throughout the building process, you can allow potential clients to see the building material that was used. You can also show completed rooms, adding links to information and product pages for your various building materials.

4. You can highlight accents, embellishments, and fixtures

Similarly to building materials, you can add links to  information and product pages for various accents, embellishments, and fixtures in your property. If your properties are customizable, you can always direct links to pages where customers can select their accents, embellishments, and fixtures. This is also another way to get buyers invested in your property as they will become more invested in the idea of their future home.

5. You can build trust

Video marketing material helps build buyers’ connection to your properties – and their trust in your company. Why is that the case? With pictures, people worry they can be deceived through creative angles and filters. With videos, however, potential buyers have much more faith that what they are seeing is the truth and that the company they are dealing with is being as upfront as possible.