Luxury real estate is a competitive market – and standing out is vital for a faster sale and higher price. 3D real estate scans are one of the biggest emerging trends in real estate marketing, becoming popular in Toronto, New York and now Vancouver.

How can they help you make your luxury real estate listing stand out?

The basics of 3D real estate scans

3D real estate scans are created through virtual reality technology. Our VR team scans your property with the revolutionary Matterport camera.

Then a 3D experience is created, allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to do a digital walk-through of the space on their computer or smartphone. Viewers can also do a flyover shot or see a bird’s eye view of the space.

Finally, it is possible to tag material in the 3D scan, creating links that viewers can click to get more information or to be redirected to product pages.

How 3D real estate scans help your luxury listing stand out

1. By creating a unique experience

3D real estate scans are on the rise in the real estate industry, but they are still not standard. Therefore, having a 3D scan of a luxury home or condo can help separate it from other listings. As 3D real estate scans are more engaging, beautiful and detailed than photos, you are more likely to spark potential buyers’ interest. Plus, potential buyers may return to the listing to show the space to their friends and family – plus, the interactive tours are pretty fun for buyers to use.  

2. By connecting with potential buyers

One of the most difficult aspects of the real estate industry is getting potential buyers to do walkthroughs. With a 3D real estate scan, you do not have to get potential buyers to commit to a walkthrough – you bring one to them. They can easily view your luxury real estate from the comfort of their own home on their computer, tablet or smartphone, making them more likely to view the property due to the convenience.  

3. By eliminating physical limitations

Normally, only potential buyers in the area are able to view your property. Luxury real estate, however, can appeal to buyers from all around the world. With a 3D real estate scan, you open up your property to all buyers – not just those who can make it to your city. This makes you more likely to get offers and to spark a bidding war.

4. By highlighting top-of-the-line elements and finishes

Luxury properties often have top-of-the-line elements and finishes – both of which can be selling features. These elements and finishes, however, are often lost in photos. 3D real estate scans, however, allow you to link to product descriptions or suppliers’ websites, highlighting the quality elements and finishes.

And while it surprises many of our Realtor clients, 3D real estate scans are actually highly affordable – and the perfect way to make your luxury listing stand out!