Here at Draft On Site, we are always looking for new custom home design inspiration.

Doing this allows us to bring new concepts to our clients: It keeps our designs fresh and innovative!

Recently, we began running a photo contest for our staff on our Facebook Page, which we’ll tell you about below, to encourage our team to share their unique perspectives and capture what inspires them.

Where our custom home design inspiration comes from

There are a number of places we turn to for custom home design inspiration. Here are a few of those places…

custom home design inspiration - vancouver home designer - draft on site services inc

Photo credit: Architectural Digest

1. Reading

Everyone here at Draft On Site loves custom home design! Because of that, it is easy for us to stay on top of the latest ideas and trends in home design. The best way to do that is to read home design magazines and blogs – something we all do regularly. Some of our favourites are Houzz, Architecture Digest, and Western Living.

While we stay on top of trends, we encourage our clients to think beyond them or put a twist on them, ensuring their custom home design never lacks in personal style!

2. Research

There are always construction science challenges that we run across in our work. We see these challenges as opportunities for innovation. When they arise, we turn to research, looking up various scientific developments. Then, we use these principles as a basis to develop new design techniques. These design techniques then become inspirations for both the current design and future projects.

custom home design inspiration - vancouver home designer - draft on site services inc

3. Travel

Travel is another amazing source of inspiration. Whenever one of our staff members goes away, they look at and document the local architecture. We then break down the techniques that are being used – and the looks they help create. While we will not usually just recreate a look from another part of the world, we will use aspects of a style or specific techniques, using them as the basis for one of our custom home designs.  

custom home design inspiration - vancouver home designer - draft on site services inc

Photo by DOS floor plan technician Chris, from the photo contest.

4. Our staff

Our staff love looking at architecture and design elements around town! We would often share photos with one another, talking about what we like about a specific building or design. In fact, we did this so frequently that we decided to run a photography contest for our staff! Staff who want to participate submit their photos to us. Each week, we pick the winning photos and post them on our Facebook page.   

Where to turn if you need custom home design inspiration

We have turned ourselves into a hub for custom home design inspiration. So if you are thinking about your custom home design and are looking for inspiration, check out these posts on our blog.