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Draft On Site’s new Moneris-powered online payment authorization tool makes it easy for new clients to sign up and create an account for future orders. The tool replaces our former Member Login area.

In the design, drafting, architecture and construction industry in the Lower Mainland, speed is key to success. We wanted to make things easier on our clients by integrating this simple tool that stores payment information for future transactions

How to use it:
Create a Pre-Authorized Payment:

By Pre-Authorizing your credit card with Draft On Site, you’ll be able to skip dealing with invoices, over the phone payments, cheques and in-person payments.

To pre-authorize your card, simply click here. Then select “Add to Cart” to go through the Pre-Authorization process.

When the process is complete, your details are saved securely in our vault, so that future orders can be processed safely and quickly.

View Your Account:

Enter your name and contact details are securely online on the Account page. (Your credit card information is NOT stored on your Account page.)

A more secure way to pay

Our Moneris tool and Pre-Authorization system are the most secure way to pay online.

The Moneris tool on draftonsite.com is fully encrypted so your credit card details are safe. Those details are transferred directly to our highly secure vault, which has been rated as one of the best online secure payment systems in North America.

Create your account with Draft On Site

Need to set up your online account with Draft On Site? It takes just a few moments. Or, have your card pre-authorized today with our secure Moneris tool to make future payments faster and easier.

If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email at info@drafonsite.com.