Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of frequently asked questions that we come across. If you have a question that you do not see here, please click here to ask us about it and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. 

Building permits are usually required for building or renovating work, including:

  • All new construction, including accessory buildings (garage, carport, garden shed etc.) that are permitted outright (specifically allowed) by your zoning

  • All temporary buildings

  • Additions or alterations to existing buildings, including:

    • Moving interior walls and partitions

    • Moving existing plumbing, electrical or gas lines

    • Installing new plumbing, electrical or gas lines

    • Deck Additions

    • Secondary Suite Addition

    • Making structural repairs or changes that are permitted outright (specifically allowed) by your zoning

  • Some “hard” landscaping features, such as fences or retaining walls

You do not need a permit to:

  • Replace fixtures, cabinets, and flooring

  • Paint the interior of your home

  • Carry out non-structural maintenance or minor repairs to the exterior of your home

Residential Real Estate sq.ft. is calculated from the exterior of exterior walls. This means that all the hallways, walls, closets and rooms are included in the sq.ft. Adding up the sq.ft. of each room will not account for all those areas.

Any building that has no power nor lighting, no floor, loose/dangling wiring, nails/ screws/ sharp objects sticking out of the floor/ ground, no railings installed, toxic mold, animal/ insect infestations, exposed asbestos or any other situation where other trades would require protective suits or respirators to work.

Yes, it is unsafe for our staff to work in a building without any lights.