Throughout history, there have been a number of periods where having two kitchens in a home was common. Although a single kitchen is the norm these days, we are seeing a trend in custom home designs with two kitchens.

Why is the two-kitchen home making a comeback – and is a second kitchen something you should consider for your custom home design?

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Why homeowners are adding second kitchens to their custom home designs

Open concept spaces are very popular. The only problem? When you have an open concept home, everyone can see how clean – or messy – your kitchen is. We all know that no one has time for judgment about the state of our kitchens! There are more important things in life. The best solution? Just hide the mess (until the morning, at least).

You can achieve this by adding a second kitchen to your custom home design. This second kitchen is generally closed off and is more of a working space.

If you are having a party, prep in this kitchen, then close the door, leave the mess behind, then serve from your main kitchen.

With an open concept home, if you are having a party, everyone in your family is seen by your guests whenever they try to access the kitchen. By adding a second kitchen, your kids can easily grab a glass of water or a snack without having to disturb your guests. Similarly, if your children are having friends over, you can still work in the kitchen without interrupting.


Second kitchen trends in Vancouver

Our Design Studio has designed a lot of “Spice”, “Wok” or “Kosher” kitchens for our Vancouver clients recently. Custom home design clients should be aware that it just takes a little work, as you have to design a second kitchen so the City doesn’t think you are trying to slip in an extra suite in the home.

What about a butler’s pantry for your custom home design?

If you can afford a second kitchen and have the space for one, it is an excellent addition to your custom home design. For those with a limited budget or a smaller space, a butler’s pantry can serve as an alternative.

A butler’s pantry gives you another space to tuck away any mess when guests are coming over. Add a second dishwasher to your butler’s pantry to make post-party cleanup a breeze! If you are looking for even more privacy, consider a combination of a butler’s pantry and a broken concept floor plan for your custom home design.

As always, make sure that you are working with professionals when creating and executing your custom home design, ensuring that all appropriate permits are in place.