Matterport Scans have not been around as long as photos. Despite being the new kid on the block, however, Matterport is already a favourite for home buyers. Why do people prefer these scans to photos?

Why Matterport Scans are More Appealing to Buyers than Photos

1. Matterport Scans give a better sense of a home

From colour to size to layout, photos can distort the look of a home. That makes it hard to decide anything from them. By contrast, Matterport Scans allow home buyers to not just see a house more accurately, but to actually explore it! This gives buyers confidence in what they are seeing.

2. Matterport Scans save time

In the past, buyers spent a lot of time going to open houses. This could be time-consuming, exhausting, and disappointing when homes do not look as expected. Matterport Scans, however, radically reduce the open house process, letting buyers only check out homes they are seriously interested in.

3. You do not have to visit the home

While we always recommend looking at a home before buying it, Matterport Scans have made it possible for buyers to purchase places sight unseen. This has been a saving grace for overseas buyers who are preparing for a big move and may not have the option of viewing homes in person.

home buyers prefer matterport scans - vancouver home designer - draft on site services inc

Dollhouse view of a Matterport scan by Draft On Site Services Inc.

4. Matterport Scans make it easier for buyers to envision how their furniture would look in the home

As pictures can distort size and layout, it has been challenging for buyers to picture their furniture in their new homes. Individuals who are less visually inclined may even have had a hard time judging if their furniture would fit in a space! Scans change that, making it simple to see how large a space is – and know if your furniture will fit into it.

5. Matterport Scans make it easy to provide floor plans

Homeowners have not always provided floor plans. With Matterport Scans, though, it is simple to include floor plans with a listing. This means more homeowners tend to share their floor plans. That additional material lets buyers make a more informed decision.

6. Matterport Scans provide buyers with more information

Buyers today want more from listings. Matterport Scans give them that. When buyers see scans on listings, they know they will receive more information, allowing them to make informed decisions about homes. After looking at homes on their own time and in their own spaces, buyers know what they are getting. That allows buyers to approach open houses more as a time for final checks and asking questions.

In the end, Matterport is the way of the future. With more and more Scans on real estate listings though, homeowners should follow simple tips to make sure your Matterport Scan is perfect.