On October 17th, non-medical cannabis was legalized. If you are considering entering the non-medical cannabis retail market in Vancouver, however, there are a number of licenses you will need, including the British Columbia Cannabis Retail Store Licence.

Part of the application process requires providing information on your retail location’s floor plan and site plan.

Applying for British Columbia Cannabis Retail Store Licences for your non-medical cannabis retail


The province has provided a step-by-step guide of requirements you must complete in order to apply for the British Columbia Cannabis Retail Store Licence.

One of the main requirements is location conditions. You must submit information about the proposed store location, including site plan and floor plans, to ensure it meets local and provincial standards.

When you submit your site plan, it will need to include:

  • The location of non-medical cannabis retail unit and where it will be located on the property
  • The location of all entrances and exits
  • Road access to the property, including the locations of any driveways and parking spots
  • The names, descriptions, and locations of other buildings and businesses nearby, as well as the entrances to those buildings
  • Names of nearby streets

Your floor plan will need to show:

  • All entrances to the store, including backdoors
  • The locations of all cash registers
  • A note about which areas are public and which are for staff only
  • The locations of all fixed shelving or display cases
  • All doors leading into or out of the retail area
  • The locations of all storage areas

All plans must be clear and legible, and in PDF format that allows for zooming in.

The next step in getting British Columbia Cannabis Retail Store Licenses for non-medical cannabis retail


Once you have filed the licence applications for your non-medical cannabis retail, they will be reviewed.

If everything is in order, you will receive a conditional approval.

After that approval, the Province will inspect the store to make sure it matches the information submitted in the application. If all goes well, you will then get your British Columbia Cannabis Retail Store Licence.

When you have this license in place, you will need to apply for a municipal business licence. Keep your floor plans on hand during this process just in case the municipal board needs them as well.