Imagine having a skylight anywhere in your home or having sunshine pour in from the ceiling… of your basement. All you need to make this happen are Fiber Optic Skylights: the latest trend in Custom Home Design,

Fiber Optic Skylights give you the option of adding a skylight on any ceiling you want. Wondering how that is even possible? Let us take you through this exciting new technology!

fiber optic skylights - vancouver home designer - draft on site services inc

Photo credit: Parans Solar Lighting

How Fiber Optic Skylights Work


Fibre Optic Skylights have an exterior panel that is mounted on the outside of your home. These panels have computer-controlled lenses. These lenses focus sunlight, directing it into optical fibres. The fibers can then transport this light. At the end point, luminaries diffuse the light, giving the sense of skylights being on the ceiling.

The most exciting aspect of this technology is that it is not manufacturing light to make it look like sunlight, it is transporting actual daylight. This can make any room feel larger and more livable.

fiber optin skylights - vancouver home designer - draft on site services inc

Photo credit: Parans Solar Lighting

Why You Should Consider Fiber Optic Skylights For Your Custom Home Design


1. They are beautiful

One of the biggest requests clients make for their Custom Home is lots of natural light. Of course, there have been some spaces, like basements, where this type of light has not been possible in the past. Now, with Fiber Optic Skylights, you can optimize all areas of your home, making them feel bright and welcoming.

2. They let you make more of your home

If spaces have natural light, you are more likely to spend time in them. Therefore, Fiber Optic Skylights allow you to make better use of the spaces in your home. You can turn nooks, basements, or closets into rooms you enjoy. Plus you will not have to worry about your kids getting enough sunlight if they are playing video games in the basement all day. Who would not want that?

3. They help you rent out a secondary suite

Should you want to rent out your basement as a secondary suite, a Fiber Optic Skylight could help you do that. After all, instead of a dark space where it is hard to tell what time it is, you will have a space full of natural light. Plus there is a skylight. Talk about luxury!

4. They add value

As Fiber Optic Skylights allow you to make more use of your home and can help rent out a secondary suite, they clearly add value. They are also new technology, which means they will be quite unique. That will contribute even more value.