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Why DIY Interior Design Will Cost You More

These days we are surrounded by Interior Design imagery. It is everywhere from social media to magazines to television shows. With so many inspirations, it can feel like DIY Interior Design is the way to go. In the end, though, DIY Interior Design is not as easy – or...

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Why You Should Combine Custom Home Design And Interior Design

What’s the best way to achieve a seamless flow between your Custom Home’s interior and exterior? And why does doing so matter? A well designed Custom Home in Vancouver should have continuity between the interior and exterior, as well as the integration of the artistic...

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Keep Your Family Healthy: Make Your Next Home A Passive House

A Passive House is not only a great way to protect the environment but also your own health – and the health of your loved ones. Not sure how a house can help your health? There are actually several ways. How A Passive House Can Help Your Health   1. No drafts Drafts...

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When To Do Your Required Step Code Upgrades

The BC Energy Step Code is already in place for builds in most BC cities. By 2032, however, all homes in Canada must be Net-Zero. That means many Homeowners will have to make major renovations before then. What are these renovations – and when is the best time to do...

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Why The BC Energy Step Code Is Important

In April 2017, the provincial government adopted the BC Energy Step Code. While the Step Code has been embraced by many Cities, Builders, Designers and Homeowners, there are some people who have asked why it was created in the first place. Here at Draft On Site, we...

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