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Have A Short-term Rental In Hawaii? You May Soon Need A Permit

Currently, the government has changed the regulations around short-term vacation rentals (STVR) – AKA rentals under 30 days – in Hawaii. Each property owner listing a short-term vacation rental in Hawaii County will need to register as a short-term vacation rental and...

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The 8 Steps Of Draft On Site’s Custom Home Design Process

Are you considering Custom Home Design for your next build, but want to know more about the process? Looking for more information about how we work?  Here is a summary of the steps that make up Draft On Site’s Custom Home Design process.  The 8 Steps In Our Custom...

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How Long Does It Take For A Net-Zero House To Pay For Itself?

While a Net-Zero house involves a higher up-front cost than traditional builds, over time it will pay for itself.  But how long does that take? Are we talking one year? Ten? A hundred?  Today, we explore the financial side of Net-Zero homes.  Why A Net-zero Home Costs...

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Our Favourite 2019 Interior Design Trends

Draft On Site now has an in-house Interior Design team! We have already introduced you to the team members. Today, we want to introduce you to some of the 2019 Interior Design trends that resonate with our team.  8 Of Our Favourite 2019 Interior Design Trends   1....

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Why DIY Interior Design Will Cost You More

These days we are surrounded by Interior Design imagery. It is everywhere from social media to magazines to television shows. With so many inspirations, it can feel like DIY Interior Design is the way to go. In the end, though, DIY Interior Design is not as easy – or...

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Why You Should Combine Custom Home Design And Interior Design

What’s the best way to achieve a seamless flow between your Custom Home’s interior and exterior? And why does doing so matter? A well designed Custom Home in Vancouver should have continuity between the interior and exterior, as well as the integration of the artistic...

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