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Earlier this year, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association (also known as the GVHBA) became the Homebuilders Association Vancouver (or HAVAN). As a proud member of the organization, Draft On Site is looking forward to a number of partnerships with HAVAN...

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12 Eco-Friendly Materials for your Custom Home Design

In recent years, we have seen a shift in Custom Home Design, with many of our clients wanting to make their homes more eco-friendly. One of the best ways to do this is through the materials used to build a new home. Look for materials that minimize your environmental...

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9 Tips for Renovating a Character Home in Vancouver

Buying a character home can be exciting. Renovating a character home in Vancouver, however, can feel overwhelming. It does not have to, though. With a few simple tips, the process can be quite smooth. That is why, today, we are going through nine tips to assist you...

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Why Home Buyers Prefer Matterport Scans to Photos

Matterport Scans have not been around as long as photos. Despite being the new kid on the block, however, Matterport is already a favourite for home buyers. Why do people prefer these scans to photos? Why Matterport Scans are More Appealing to Buyers than Photos 1....

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Buying a Character Home in Vancouver? Read This Guide First

Owning a character home can be a dream, especially for Vancouverites who love classical architecture. Buying a character home, however, comes with its own range of challenges. In October we spoke about these challenges and more at the Vancouver Home Show’s Ask the...

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