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Draft On Site Design Studio Blog

The sinkless vanity: Hot home design trend, or all washed up?

We have noticed a new trend in Vancouver home design: The sinkless vanity. What is it, and what are the pros and cons of a sinkless vanity? What should you know before you install one? And is the trend here to stay or will it soon go down the drain? The rundown on the...

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4 hidden costs in custom home design to avoid

Before beginning a custom home design project, most clients have a budget in mind. It can be easy to find yourself over that budget though – especially when you encounter hidden costs. This list of the four most common hidden costs in custom home design is intended to...

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Global inspiration for your Vancouver custom home design

When planning your custom home design, inspiration is key. Before Designers start a new project, they will often spend some time looking at interesting ideas and styles from around the world. Now, you can draw on such inspiration too, with this list of our favourite...

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How to get more square footage from your custom home design

With square footage as valuable as it is in Greater Vancouver, maximizing the size of your property on paper can represent huge returns when it comes time to sell. If you are building a custom home, you can get more square footage from your home, at least on paper,...

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