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Consider these 4 features for your custom home design

Designing a custom home? One of the best ways to create a custom home design that best fits your family's lifestyle is to include specialized rooms and features that go beyond the standard bedroom and living room. From ensuites to smart home tech gadgets, here are...

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Five ways custom home design is better than stock plans

When creating the look for your house, you have a choice between stock plans and custom home design. Stock plans are general and pulled from a bank of options, while a custom home design is created for you by an expert builder or developer. Before discussing the...

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Evolution of the TV room part 2: The death of the TV?

In the first part of this series, we explored the growth of TV screens and the impact this had on the evolution of the TV room. Now, we have entered the next stage of evolution in the TV room - and the potential “death” of the TV itself. The rise of individual screens...

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Five things to discuss with your home designer

When it comes to home designers, teamwork really does make the dream work. The teamwork, in this case, comes in the form of open communication. In order to get the house of your dreams, there are several topics you need to cover with your home designer. The five...

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What are Stop Work Orders and why should you care about them?

With the amount of residential construction in Vancouver skyrocketing, the number of Stop Work Orders is exploding. In fact, Stop Work Orders are becoming downright common for builders and homeowners. But what are Stop Work Orders and why should they matter to you?...

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