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Permit Renovation Drawings Site Plan

Site Plan

Starting at $300

NOTE: This is not a Topographical Land Survey,  property lines are considered approximate unless land survey provided.

Permit Renovation Exterior Elevation Drawings

Exterior Elevation Drawings

Measuring (Existing)

Minimum Charge $500 ($0.50 per sq.ft. of Structure to be measured) 
Including: Decks, Patios, Crawl Spaces, Sheds and any other structures or enclosed spaces

Drafting & Design (Demolition & Proposed alterations)

Starting at $500
Elevation drawings are used for any project with alterations to the exterior of a structure or new structures being placed on the property. This can include changing the size of a window, or adding a deck.
NOTE: Without a Topographical Land Survey, we cannot create accurate Exterior Elevations.

Permit Renovation Exterior Elevation Drawings

Construction Details

Drafting & Design

Starting at $200, Construction Details are required on any project that involves an alteration to the exterior, an alternate solution, unique features or new construction. Construction Details are also required to confirm BCBC and VBBL compliance for R-values (insulation) and fire safety. All Construction Details include building Code Compliance, some projects require an energy adviser add on.

Drafting & Design (Demolition & Proposed alterations)

For better details, we recommend any Contractors or other Professionals involved to provide input

*Does not include the cost of a structural engineer. Engineering services not included