We are announcing that our company is now DOS Design Group Inc. 

Please note that we have also retained the Draft On Site Services Inc. name in case there are any contractual concerns 

Why The New Name? 

A Bit Of Background

We started the Draft On Site Services corporation a little over 4 years ago and in that time, we have grown exponentially. 

DOS stands for Draft On Site, but as our company’s services have evolved over the years, we found the Draft On Site name no longer applied to many of the services offered by our team. “Draft On Site” made people think drafting first and foremost, and although we pride ourselves on drafting the best Plans possible, our work goes far beyond just that.  

So we kept coming back to look at our name over the last few years. We opened a division called DOS Scan and Measure (our portfolio Scanning and Floor Plan Team). The name had made sense as it was a division of our company. As a result, we decided to take the leap and shorten the name to DOS Design Group. 

I have to say, we are really happy that we changed the name, as it now represents so much better what we are: a group of design-oriented individuals that have come together to produce ever-improving designs and help elevate the industry. 

What We Do 

Currently we have a(n):

  • As-Built Team, where the original DOS name started, that uses a mixture of scanning and measuring technologies so that we can produce some of the most accurate Building Plans found in the industry. They are even used as samples by several Cities.  
  • Building Design Team that focuses on designing buildings to meet Provincial and Municipal requirements with a specialty in high-performance design, including Passive House design, as the health and comfort of our Clients is one of our foremost concerns.
  • Interior Design Team that looks at transforming projects into things of beauty that are buildable and align with the project budget. We work with developers, contractors, and directly with homeowners to provide a custom style and material selections that fit into the larger scope of the project, all while ensuring that the final product is everything our clients have envisioned.
  • 3D & Virtual Reality Team that works on building models of our projects so that we can see how everything will interact, find the most aesthetically pleasing combinations and then build that into a Virtual Reality environment where the Clients, Designers, Contractors, Engineers and all of the other stakeholders on a project can walkthrough the project virtually, and give feedback so we can adjust the design allowing for faster decision making. 
  • Permit Team that arranges and collects all of the Plans, documentation and Professionally certified paperwork required to make a Permit Application go more smoothly. 

What Else Do We Do?

We are proud to:

  • sit on the Advisory Design Panel for the City of North Vancouver, reviewing projects that are submitted for Constructability perspective  
  • be seen as subject matter experts permit departments across the lower mainland and asked to give advice with regard to By-Laws and policy planning for the coming future 
  • have a Certified Residential Designer as one of our Principals that oversees every project that comes through our office and quickly assesses the most efficient and effective way to design a project
  • have a Certified Passive House Designer on staff so that their insights on how to design buildings better can be leveraged wherever possible
  • to be seen as subject matter experts in Zoning and to be a go to for Property Analysis Reports for Builders and Clients who have or are thinking of purchasing land and want to know what they can do with their property 
  • be a firm that supports diversity through a variety of methods but first of which is to not see any differences, to instead look at the person and what they have to offer so that we can find ways for them to focus on what they are good at 
  • be partnered with Nick Bray Architecture Inc. for all of our work that can benefit from the insights of a world-travelled Architect
  • be partnered with JRG Building Engineering so that we can leverage their teams diverse set of skills and expertise for our projects envelope engineering and building science needs


What DOS Design Group Is Planning For The Future

Well, we hesitate to talk about that right now, we have so many things we are already working on, such as: 

  • high-performance designs that meet the highest levels of the new 2018 Building Code, performing 5-10 times better than almost every house that was built in the past for about 20% more than what those older houses cost – they’re so good they could be certified through the Passive House program,  
  • retrofit options that allow homeowners to quickly and efficiently upgrade their existing Houses to resist the Summer heat when they are replacing the Siding or Roofs on their Houses
  • material spec sheets that quickly document everything that you want to do on your project, where the work will be occurring, what its made out of and where you can buy it from

Visit the DOS Design Group office and new showroom located at Unit 110A – 81 Golden Drive, Coquitlam, BC. Book a visit