Our new Partner, Jamie Henry, formerly Viyae Innovative Imaging Concepts Inc., created a Matterport VR scan for North Vancouver’s Bluedog Guitars.

Since VR scanning technology is so new, we decided to share Bluedog Guitars’ experience and the process of shooting with the Matterport camera.

Jamie’s team also provides VR scans of residential property for real estate marketing, with 360º virtual reality tours, fully immersive virtual reality experiences, pre-build virtual walkthroughs  and portfolio packages for the construction industry.

Why Bluedog Guitars wanted VR scans

Bluedog Guitars is a Vancouver institution. Customers are always impressed with the look of the warehouse store and love browsing through the guitars. Now, though, Bluedog handles most of their sales online.

Unfortunately, that means their many international clients never have a chance to walk through the brick and mortar location.

After hearing about VR scans for real estate, Bluedog’s owner, Jenn, decided to get VR scans done by Jamie.

Jamie not only scanned the store, but was even able to tag all the guitars. Now, when someone walks through the digital store, they are able to click on products they are considering. They are then routed to pages where they can read more about or purchase the various guitars and guitar-related products.

See the Matterport VR scan of Bluedog Guitars here.

Richard now plans to re-scan the store a few times a year, as the inventory changes.  

Bluedog Guitars’ experience with VR scans

When Jenn first reached out to Jamie, she expected that VR scans could be too expensive or time consuming for him to move forward with. Instead, she was delighted to discover how quick and affordable VR scans are! Soon, the store had been shot and the Matterport site for them was completed.

Jamie guided Jenn through the process from beginning to end. He discussed what Jenn wanted to do, suggesting the idea of having all the guitars tagged to allow for direct forwarding to information and sales pages.

On the day of the shoot, Jamie did the recording. He then created the VR scans and put together a Matterport website for Bluedog Guitars. Jenn was thrilled with the results, as well as with the fact that the project had turned from a feel-good marketing maneuver to a full-on marketing plan!

Jenn has now uploaded the 3D tour of Bluedog to Google Street View (allowing clients to walkthrough his store on Google), added it to the company website, shared it on social media, and included it in email marketing blasts. They are planning to also use it in their nomination for Top 100 Music Stores in the World with NAMM and in messages with guitar journals.

What have the responses been like? We will let Jenn take this question.

According to her, “the feedback has been phenomenal! We’ve had customers from all over the world tell us how amazing the shop looks and how innovative and cool our 3D site is.”

Photo credit: Matterport